Get a Car Service in Reading From Your Independent Local Garage.

car service in ReadingA car is much like its owner. It needs regular care and attention to help it remain in good working order.

At RA Engineering, we offer regular servicing from experienced Bosch technicians to ensure the reliability of your vehicle. When a car’s running smoothly, it means less stress for you and more chance the car holds its value.

Why Pay Main Dealer Prices? We Offer a Very Competitive Rate For Our Three Types of Vehicle Servicing:

  • A regular oil service keeps the engine lubricated and running efficiently.
  • An interim service will identify any potential problems and prevent costly repairs.
  • For a major servicing, you’re getting a full health check of your car. It’s about your safety, the reliability of your vehicle and its warranty.


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Bosch Service


At RA Engineering, our Bosch Service accredited mechanics are highly skilled technicians with vast experience of working on all makes and models of vehicle, so you can rest assured that any work completed on your car will be to the highest of standards. Get in touch us today to book your vehicle in.