There are lots of jobs on your car that you can attempt yourself if you are a DIY mechanic fan – changing brake pads is a job you would often see people doing on their driveway for example.  With the quality of touch-ups available, you can often do tiny bits of bodywork repairs yourself with a steady hand and the right gear.  But there are some jobs that you definitely don’t want to attempt yourself and here are three of the top ones.

Air conditioning

The aircon unit in the car seems deceptively simple – it just cools down the air, right?  But to do this, it uses a series of units, hoses, tubes and valves as well as sensors to tell the system how cold to go and when to stop.  All of this adds up to a lot of work and a lot of potential areas to go very wrong.

For example, in most cars, the evaporator is located behind the dashboard and that means you’ve got to move a lot of components before you even reach it.  And then, there’s no guaranteeing that it is the cause of the problem due to the hoses and pipes that connect the different components.

Aircon units are definitely top of the list of things that only expert garages should touch.  Look for a garage in your local area that offers this service and gets them to take a look at the problem.  Some even offer service for your aircon as well as car repair and you want to ensure it is working well before the MOT comes around.

Engine diagnostics

Since the advent of the ‘computer’ inside the car, people have started to buy diagnostic tools with the aim of understanding what their car has to say without having to take a trip to the garage.  And while this is admirable, it faces a number of problems.

For starters, there’s no set system as to what the codes and warning lights mean.  Error 1 could mean something on a Ford and something entirely different on a Citroen.  What you want is to have the knowledge as well as the equipment in order to fully understand what the car is saying to you.

The clutch

One of the key systems in the car is the clutch and this is definitely one that you shouldn’t attempt yourself.  Not only can a lot go wrong with the process and specialist equipment is required, there is always the potential that there is more wrong than you realise and the repair makes the car unsafe.  It is definitely a job worth popping into a local Reading garage that offers clutch repairs and allowing the experts to handle – that way the job is done properly and you are can sure the car is roadworthy again.

Also, remember that the clutch can be checked as part of a service so if you think there might be a problem, you can have it looked at to be certain.