Brake Service and Repairs from RA Engineering

brake serviceThe brakes are undoubtedly one of the most important systems on the car and therefore their upkeep is one of the top jobs.  Modern braking systems are high-tech and very safe but still require the regular replacement of certain parts and that’s why RA Engineering offer a brake service to the Reading area in order that our customers can keep their brakes in top condition.

Brake Servicing

There are lots of moving parts on the modern braking system including the brake discs, drums, pads and shoes as well as brake fluid and other components.  All need to work in top condition in order to stop the car easily and safely at the press of a pedal.  From easing your speed to emergency stops, your brakes should easily handle all of these situations when they are in the best condition.

When you use the car around town most of the time, you actually put more pressure on your braking system than people who travel long distances along the motorway.  That’s why regular brake servicing is very important to ensure all those components are working properly.

MOT and Servicing

Brakes are a key part of both your MOT and any servicing package and RA Engineering offers both.  This means we can check your brakes as part of a regular check, either for your MOT or just for general servicing.  We can arrange for a specific brake service if you think there may be a problem or incorporate the check as part of a larger, system-wide service before your MOT to pick up any potential issues.

Also, if you experience any slight problem with your brakes such as strange sounds, hesitation in response or even funny smells when braking, then you should see an expert immediately to ensure there isn’t a bigger problem.



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Bosch Service


At RA Engineering, our Bosch Service accredited mechanics are highly skilled technicians with vast experience of working on all makes and models of vehicle, so you can rest assured that any work completed on your car will be to the highest of standards. Get in touch us today to book your vehicle in.