Clutch Replacement and Repairs for Less than Dealership Prices

clutch replacementWe all know that the clutch is one of the key systems in getting our car up and running and it is certainly one of the most hardworking systems.  But not all car owners recognise the signs that there is a problem with their clutch or that it may even need replacing.  Here at RA Engineering, we can carry out an assessment of your clutch and let you know if you are needing repair or even clutch replacement service and we cover the whole of the Reading area.

Signs of a Failing Clutch

There are some noticeable signs that a clutch needs repairing or may even be failing. Obviously, changing gears may become difficult or may be accompanied by a rattling or grinding sound that isn’t normally there.  Another sign is that you can rev the engine but there’s very little increase in speed or the rev counter increases or falls for no clear reason. Finally, the clutch may seem to ‘slip’ leading to a loss of acceleration or even a loss of drive.

Replacing a clutch is one of the more expensive jobs on the average car.  But we offer a clutch replacement for less than dealership prices while still ensuring that everything is to the highest standard.  This means the new clutch will be the same quality as the old one and your car will once more run perfectly.

Clutch Inspection

If you are uncertain that there is a problem with your clutch, simply give us a call and we can arrange a clutch check to see if there is a problem.  We have top of the line vehicle diagnostic equipment that can find any issue, whether with the clutch or other systems on the car and can then give a quote for any work that is needed if required.



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Bosch Service


At RA Engineering, our Bosch Service accredited mechanics are highly skilled technicians with vast experience of working on all makes and models of vehicle, so you can rest assured that any work completed on your car will be to the highest of standards. Get in touch us today to book your vehicle in.