Get a Car Service in Reading from Your Independent Local Garage

independent garageCar servicing is one of the most important ways to keep your vehicle in top condition and when it comes to finding a garage in Reading to handle it, you want the best quality, most convenient and best price possible.  Here at RA Engineering we offer car servicing in Reading, we use the best equipment and aim to offer the best possible prices.

Why Have Your Car Serviced?

We are often asked why people should bother having their car serviced each year?  After all, we have an MOT each year that checks the most important parts of the car.  But a service is different to an MOT in a few key ways.

For starters, an MOT looks for problems and then requires that you solve them.  A service looks at high use areas that could become a problem and replaced key parts to ensure this doesn’t happen.  MOTs look at a wide range of systems, often that aren’t vital to the operation of the car but comply with legal requirements.  A service looks at systems that are used the most during normal operation to ensure the best efficiency for your car.

Benefits of Our Servicing

Many of our customers choose to have an annual service in addition to their MOT to look at the main systems that a car uses regularly.  Servicing can also highlight potentially bigger problems that might lead to a breakdown at some point.  And by using our service, you get the benefits of a local garage prices versus main dealer costs while still keeping your warranty intact.

We offer a range of servicing tiers to suit your needs and your budget.  Simply give us a call to find out about what type of service might best suit your vehicle and the mileage that you do.  Then we can get you booked in and you can have the reassurance that your vehicle is once more in top condition.



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Bosch Service


At RA Engineering, our Bosch Service accredited mechanics are highly skilled technicians with vast experience of working on all makes and models of vehicle, so you can rest assured that any work completed on your car will be to the highest of standards. Get in touch us today to book your vehicle in.