When it comes to leaving your car with a garage for the first time for a MOT, service or just for car repairs, there is always a degree of concern.  Will they do a good job?  Will it cost more than you expected?  Do they offer a quality service?  Most garages today have the same kind of standards of service and will often be members of networks or approved systems.  But are there other advantages to using a local Reading garage for your repairs, as opposed to a main dealer?

Get to know the people

The personal touch can be an important benefit when you are talking about one of your most treasured possessions – your car.  And even if you don’t love your car, it is often a crucial tool to get everything done you need from the weekly shop to taking the kids to their activities and getting to work.

By using a local garage, you get to know the people in the business and this helps you feel more confident when using their service.  There’s no sudden change of personnel as the company has swapped people around because they all work at just the one location.

Total convenience

Another factor to consider is the location – where is the main dealer in comparison to your home or place or work?  Most of the time, the main dealers are located further away from the centre of the city where they can have bigger lots to focus on their sales department.  But a good local garage can be around the corner from where you live and doesn’t need to worry about that extra space.

You can also find out easily about public transport links between your home and the garage.  This means if you are leaving the vehicle for any length of time, you don’t need to hang around.  You can hop on a bus or train and go home then pop back later to collect the car.

Better pricing structure

In the majority of cases, a local garage will be cheaper than a main dealer, sometimes significantly so.  Main dealers have a price set from their head office while a local garage can price their services based on the local factors that influence their business – cost of supplies, wages, rent of the garage.  This means you aren’t paying the same price as the centre of London or anywhere else – you are just paying the going rate for Reading.

No difference in service

And the main thing is that there is no real difference in service and standards between a main dealer and a local garage in most cases.  Look for garages that offer diagnostic checks and all the main servicing and car repair demands you might have.  Ensure they are a certified MOT garage who can give a legal MOT certificate after the test.  And make sure they offer a guarantee on work or parts provided.  Once you have these things, you are getting the same service as from a main dealer, usually at a much lower price.