Low Cost Wheel Alignment at Your Local Garage

wheel alignmentWheel alignment issues are one of those problems that seem relatively inconsequential and more of an irritation than a real problem.  But what some car owners don’t realise is that misaligned wheels can cause a range of bigger issues and even cause substantial damage to your tyres.  Here at RA Engineering, we offer a comprehensive wheel alignment service to get your wheels running straight and true once more.

Problems with Wheel Alignment

As a garage offering this service to the Reading area, we see a range of reasons as to how wheels become misaligned.  Hitting or even running along a kerb can cause problems while the many potholes on the roads are one of the most frequent culprits.  Sometimes the issue comes from within the car with steering or suspension components causing problems with alignment of the wheels.

Even if you haven’t had an incident that could lead to wheel alignment problems, by checking the wheels periodically, you can add up to 12,000 miles onto the lifespan of your tyres.  It can also significantly increase the fuel efficiency of the car, saving you money and ensuring the car runs better for longer.

Signs of Wheel Problems

Sometimes you can’t spot that you have a problem with your wheels but other times there are signs.  Watch for unusual wear on your tyres like premature wear on either the inside or outside shoulder.  These are classic signs of incorrect alignment.  A slight wobble at higher speeds can also indicate a problem with the tracking or alignment of the wheels.

If you notice any of these signs or even just want to have your tracking checked, give us a call and we can book in your car.  That way we can sort any issues with your wheels and ensure the car is running smoothly going forward.



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